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Proficient consultants to help your company build a next-generation
content supply chain.

Optimize Content Lifecycle
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Address IT Challenges

Elevate Your Content Supply Chain to Meet Business Goals

Coordinating collaborative work across marketing and creative teams in large decentralized organizations poses a significant challenge.
Teams often face delayed approvals and long content turnaround times, causing marketers to sacrifice quality or miss deadlines.

Workfront can transform your workflows and help you orchestrate
cross-team collaboration by integrating content management, asset
storage, work management, and creative tools.

Our knowledgeable Adobe consultants are here to help you every step of the way to smooth and fast content production.

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Navigate Change

Our team of experts can assist you with
change management and process
improvement by promoting the adoption of
essential and advanced Adobe Workfront
features throughout your organization

Tailored Implementation

Our technical proficiency and extensive
knowledge of the Adobe ecosystem enable
us to tackle any customization challenges,
ensuring that the solution we implement is
precisely tailored to meet your unique

Adobe Apps Connected

We make Adobe Workfront your single source
of truth for managing work across marketing
and creative teams by integrating it with
Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Document
Cloud, and Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

3rd-party Integrations

We can help you extend the interoperability of
Workfront software with other systems by
integrating it via API with Google Workspace,
Slack, Microsoft Sharepoint, Salesforce,
ServiceNow, or Microsoft Dynamics.

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    Our Clients Reap the Benefits. Your Turn Next

    Thanks to Axamit’s technology solutions, we have expanded our reach and connected with a new audience. Companies using Adobe Experience Manager now can benefit from the smooth content management workflows our system provides. Since our collaboration began in 2016, we’re thrilled to see how it consistently enhances GatherContent for our ever-growing community.

    Rectangle 46
    Hugh Downer
    Development Team Lead

    For a decade, we’ve collaborated with Axamit on multiple projects involving Adobe products. Their expertise has consistently proven invaluable, making them a dependable partner. Looking ahead, we anticipate many more years of fruitful collaboration.

    Image 26
    Anatoly Basov
    Director, Global Delivery

    We express our gratitude to Axamit for their valuable contribution to the development of our electric car website. This platform is a key element of our commitment to meeting customer demands for cleaner mobility, aligning seamlessly with our goal of advancing electrification.

    Image 29
    Keshav Oodit
    Head of Connected Services

    The level of expertise and the quality of work delivered by our technological partner, Axamit, were translated into the successful implementation of a project aimed at optimizing business processes and automating the bank’s cross-system data exchange. These efforts resulted in enhanced effectiveness in interactions within various departments.

    Image 27
    Dmitri Timofeev
    Deputy Head of Sourcing Department

    Adobe Workfront Benefits

    A Single Collaborative System
    to Unlock Productivity

    Get a work management platform that streamlines the creation and use of high-quality marketing content at scale.


    Align Work with Objectives

    Workfront aligns your organization’s goals with the work at hand. Leadership can easily track progress on major marketing initiatives across teams and stay on the same page with employees.

    Manage Workload
    and Priorities

    Managers gain transparency into ongoing work and agility to respond quickly to changes in priorities or budgets. You can shift the direction of work and reassign resources timely to keep your team on track.

    Build Efficient

    Configure the platform to fit your team’s unique processes ensuring that everyone works efficiently. Streamline real-time collaboration, reviews, and approvals to ensure alignment between strategic intent and final deliverables.

    Achieve Data-driven Productivity

    Get a central system of record with the control and visibility you need to deliver predictable outcomes. Your data is secure and shared only with the right people at the right time to make informed decisions that drive success.

    Quick Launch

    • Blueprints & templates
    • AEM assets DAM
    • Pre-made Workfront dashboards

    Work Automation

    • Auto-assignment of tasks
    • Streamlined reviews & approvals
    • Stakeholder notifications

    Project visibility

    • Workfront goals
    • Gantt charts
    • Timesheets
    • Reporting canvas
    • Resource management

    Data Security

    • Data encryption
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Role-based access
    • Groups of users
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    #Marketo Engage

    A Semiconductor Company Gets 38% More Sales Accepted Leads with Customized Marketo Engage

    A global brand implements marketing automation to run effective marketing campaigns using consolidated data about leads.

    Success Rate
    #Experience Manager

    AEM Site for Smart Door Locking System Go-to-Market Strategy

    A global supplier of intelligent access control and authentication solutions develops a website to launch a new brand of smart door locks for SMBs.

    3 mo
    Time to Market
    #Adobe Commerce

    America’s Largest Car Parts Seller Elevates Supply Chain and Boosts Revenue with a Dealer Portal

    A world-class transportation equipment manufacturer delivers superior B2B buyer experience with Adobe Commerce.

    4 mo
    Time to Market
    #Experience Manager

    Automotive Brand Delivers Consistent Digital Experiences Across Sites and Markets

    A car manufacturer implements the AEM CMS to improve and standardize customer experience across sites and regions.

    81 (37%↑)
    Performance Score
    (1.9 s (47% faster)
    Speed Index
    #Experience Manager

    Dynamic Product Catalog Drives 26.62% Annual Revenue Growth for a Global Manufacturer

    A manufacturer with over 80 thousand products integrates a custom AEM CMS with ERP for an efficient online catalog.

    #Experience Manager

    GatherContent Integrates with AEM for Seamless Content Migration

    New GatherContent and AEM integration module ensures effortless content mapping and migration between systems.

    AEM Version Support
    In Use

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      Karim Antar Director of Business Development

      What is Adobe Workfront?

      Adobe Workfront is a cloud-based project and work management solution for large-scale organizations. It allows teams to manage projects, tasks, and resources in a centralized platform, streamlining workflows and improving collaboration.Using Adobe Workfront, users can effortlessly create and prioritize project tasks, assign team members, and track progress in real-time. The platform also offers robust reporting and analytics features, which provide managers with insight into project performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

      What is Adobe Workfront used for?

      Adobe Workfront is a powerful tool used for managing tasks, portfolios, resources, and time, as well as running Help Desk and generating reports. It can also be used to set up teamwork and integrate with other solutions. Whether you are managing a large-scale project or day-to-day tasks, it streamlines your work processes, increasing efficiency and transforming how work gets done. In essence, Adobe Workfront is a game-changer that can elevate your marketing content production to new heights.

      Is Adobe Workfront agile?

      Adobe Workfront is a project management tool that supports agile methodologies, making it a suitable solution for teams that follow agile practices. It offers features like Kanban and Scrum boards, agile workflows, and sprint planning, which facilitate agile project management. Workfront also allows teams to track progress and adjust plans based on changing requirements, which is a key aspect of agile methodology.

      What is Adobe Workfront similar to?

      Workfront is similar to a range of project management and work management tools, including Jira, Trello, Wrike,, Kantata, Birdview PSA, ClickUp.

      What companies use Adobe Workfront?

      Numerous businesses worldwide rely on Adobe Workfront to streamline their operations, including such notable companies as T-mobile, Under Armour, Informatica, The North Face, Inc., Lenovo Group Ltd.

      How much does Adobe Workfront cost?

      The cost of Adobe Workfront varies depending on the package you choose (Pro, Business, Enterprise) and your business’s specific requirements. You can obtain the final cost from the official Adobe website or schedule a consultation with our experts.