Case Study

Automotive Brand Delivers Consistent Digital Experiences Across Sites and Markets

A car manufacturer implements the AEM CMS to improve and standardize customer experience across sites and regions.

Our Client

Multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles owning a portfolio of car and motorcycle brands.


Improve web UI and UX to ensure consistent and unified user experience across car brands, sites, and markets.


Business Analyst, Frontend Developer, QA Engineer
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • React
  • Achieved a consistent user experience across digital properties.
  • Implemented custom AEM components across multiple sites.
  • Improved site performance score from 59 to 81*
* data source

Main Challenges

A car manufacturing company collaborates with Adobe to drive digital transformation in marketing and sales across its brand portfolio.

Building on the success of the UX and UI enhancements introduced to one of its brand’s websites, the company decided to extend the new standard of customer experiences to the rest of its online properties.

The company is famous for its premium driving experience and aims for customers to encounter speed, exceptional performance, and comfort in every interaction with their brands. Therefore, enhancing site performance was a priority.

Custom Solution

Our client decided to implement a CMS supporting multi-site management to create consistent experiences for different markets. Although local marketing teams produce content separately, every site feature should be developed once and get available for all teams.

The company engaged Axamit’s AEM frontend developers to implement uniform web UX and UI across sites. They create a site experience that supports the new company standards.

Frame 749 Lazy loading

To reduce the initial page payload and improve load times without compromising content, the team implemented lazy loading. This technique ensures that off-screen images are loaded only when needed, specifically when a user scrolls down the page.

Image 27 Smart App Banners on Mobile Web

To gently encourage users to download the company’s mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, the company integrated smart app banners across all Android and iOS mobile web browsers. These banners are configured in the AEM-based CMS and adhere to the best practices of unobtrusive promotion methods.

Frame 752 Local Car Dealer Pages

To facilitate the selection of car dealers and provide visitors with relevant information without leaving the website, the company built a Dealer Navigation component. This dynamic menu incorporates links and drop-down lists that dynamically change based on the offerings of every dealer. The information and contact details displayed on these pages are sourced from the dealer’s online properties and are always up to date.

Tap 1 Call-to-Action Bar

The company uses 3-party online chat and customer feedback widgets. As the widgets were developed by different teams, they had different designs. The widget icons were scattered in various sections of the page and disrupted the site experience. The company consolidated the icons into a single CTA bar to ensure a more cohesive UX and visually appealing UI.

Connect 1 2 Performance Audit

The frontend development team ran the Lighthouse site audit to identify areas for improvement in page load speed. They introduced the most impactful changes recommended in the report to enhance site performance.

Code Asynchronous Loading

Developers reduced the number of scripts executing in the JavaScript main thread and reconfigured secondary JS files and libraries to load asynchronously.

Notification 1 Dealer Notification Bars

The company introduced universal notification banners to assist dealers in delivering urgent or time-sensitive information to visitors through their pages on the car brand’s site.

Exchange 1 1 Back-Forward Cache

The team ensured the back-forward cache works reliably, enabling users’ browsers to store snapshots of previously visited web pages and swiftly display content when users navigate back and forth.

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • React
  • Achieved a consistent user experience across digital properties.
  • Implemented custom AEM components across multiple sites.
  • Improved site performance score from 59 to 81*
* data source

Results & Wins

The automotive company has elevated the brand's online experiences across a range of localized sites due to uniform UX/UI and improved Core Web Vitals.
win 01
Made user experience and design consistent across digital properties.
win 02


Performance Score
win 03
Implemented reusable custom AEM components across multiple sites.
win 04


in Page Speed Index
win 05
Reduced Total Blocking Time to 10ms to improve user experiences on interactive pages.
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