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Shaping Adobe
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Your Business Like a Glove

We customize Adobe’s toolset and integrate it into your ecosystem, enabling
your company to harness its full potential and craft outstanding experiences.

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What Is Adobe Experience Cloud?

Powerful Synergy
Between Data and Content

Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions

Breaking Silos and Unlocking Growth

Adobe Experience Cloud is designed to enable captivating
experiences. Adobe’s solutions truly shine when you use them
together because that’s when you unlock their true potential. 

If you haven’t fully tapped into the integrations and advanced
features of Experience Cloud, you’re missing out on significant
growth opportunities. 

Axamit is here to assist you in bridging the gap between Adobe’s
software capabilities and your ability to use them effectively.
Together, we can unlock a wealth of growth potential stemming
from creating exceptional experiences.

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Adobe Experience Cloud Products
  • Content & Commerce
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics & Audiences
  • Work Management
  • Data Management

Adobe Experience Cloud Products 

Growth Happens Where ​​Engagement Meets Transactions

Connect Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Commerce for synergy
between content and commerce. The bridge is Adobe’s Commerce
Integration Framework (CIF), which offers the following benefits:

  • Sync product-related data between the CMS and commerce platforms.
  • Exchange customer data using the unified customer profile to
    enable real-time personalization of buyers’ journeys.
  • Combine product-related data and relevant content into dynamic
    pages that effectively engage and convert customers.

You can use Adobe solutions to unlock the full potential of your content and commerce strategies and help you drive customer experiences that maximize business outcomes.

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Adobe Marketing Cloud Products

Tailored Customer Journeys Cut Through the Noise

With Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Marketo Engage, and Adobe Journey
Optimizer you can finally figure out the best way to interact with customers
at each stage of their journey and establish meaningful and long-lasting

  • Orchestrate conversations across all marketing channels.
  • Collect customer interaction data and activate insights.
  • Map customer journeys and automate experiences.
  • Personalize experiences for every customer in real time.
  • Anticipate the right moments to engage with customers.

Using a combination of tools you can connect various interactions
to form the next perfect experience you’ll deliver to keep
customers interested and coming back.

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Adobe Analytics Cloud Products

The End of Guessing Games in Your Marketing

Gain actionable insights from your experience-centric data and leverage
the power of Adobe Analytics, Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe Real-
Time CDP
, and Adobe Audience Manager to transform the insights into
real-time actions.

  • Collect B2C and B2B data from various systems and unify it into dynamic customer profiles that can be activated across any channel instantly.
  • Democratize insights throughout your organization and establish a reliable source of truth for measuring performance.
  • Listen and respond to customer signals, gaining a deeper understanding of their priorities and enabling 1:1 personalization.
  • Connect customer touchpoints and visually explore their journeys, to create exceptional customer experiences.

A comprehensive suite of tools enables you to enhance the
reliability of your data, speed up time to insights, and take prompt
actions upon them.

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Work Management Products

Your Future-Proof and Scalable Content Supply Chain

Enhance productivity and eliminate the challenges of missed deadlines,
duplicated efforts, and employee burnout with Adobe Workfront.

  • Increase transparency by making goals visible to the entire team for effective work prioritization, progress tracking, and result measurements.
  • Simplify cross-team collaboration, review processes, and approvals by integrating them into the applications where creative work is performed.
  • Boost work efficiency using Adobe marketing automation and integrations to reduce workload for team members.

With Workfront, you can eliminate work chaos, accelerate content production cycles, and scale your operations without overburdening your teams.

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Adobe Digital Experience Data Management

Comprehensive, Unified, Actionable Data at Your Fingertips

Adobe Experience Platform is a robust solution that incorporates a set of
services, such as Tags (Adobe Launch), to simplify the collection, management, and activation of data across Adobe and third-party applications.

  • Standardize data through the use of the Experience Data Model (XDM), enabling seamless integration and data exchange between applications.
  • Generate real-time customer profiles and effectively match cross-channel interactions.
  • Utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to predict customer behavior and automate personalized experiences.
  • Safeguard customer data and ensure responsible usage to foster trust and adhere to regulatory compliance.

By establishing a highly interconnected data ecosystem, you can
significantly reduce the complexity and costs associated with
data management.

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    Karim Antar Director of Business Development

    How many products are in Adobe Experience Cloud?

    Adobe Experience Cloud is a comprehensive suite of eleven marketing software products, accompanied by a robust data platform, which collectively enhances businesses’ ability to manage and optimize customer experiences. This suite comprises software products, each addressing specific aspects of technology. They can be used independently or in synergy to cater to the unique requirements of companies.

    What is the difference between Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud?

    Adobe Marketing Cloud represented the initial version of Adobe’s marketing technology suite. To provide a more comprehensive solution for customer-centric businesses, Adobe expanded and rebranded its marketing suite into Adobe Experience Cloud. This evolution involved broadening the scope of capabilities and adopting a more integrated approach to optimizing customer experiences across diverse touchpoints and channels.

    How much does Adobe Experience Cloud cost?

    The pricing for Adobe Experience Cloud is based on a flexible model that allows businesses to customize their package according to their specific requirements. The cost is determined by the combination of tools and tiers chosen for each tool, enabling organizations to create a tailored solution that best fits their needs and budget. To get detailed pricing information, it’s recommended to contact Adobe directly or visit their official website for specific pricing options and quotes.

    Who is the target audience for Adobe Experience Cloud?

    Adobe Experience Cloud is primarily designed for medium-to-large businesses that prioritize customer-centric marketing and aspire to achieve growth through delivering exceptional customer experiences.