Case Study

Dynamic Product Catalog Drives 26.62% Annual Revenue Growth for a Global Manufacturer

A manufacturer with over 80 thousand products integrates a custom AEM CMS with ERP for an efficient online catalog.

Project Overview

A global semiconductor company producing microchips for electronic device manufacturers.


Build an online catalog to effectively manage and market thousands of products and enable customers to make self-assisted purchases.


Developers, DevOps, QA Engineers, Solution Architect

Main Challenges

The semiconductor company needed to provide customers with up-to-date, accurate, and sufficient information on thousands of microchip products to enable them to make self-assisted informed purchases.

Massive Product Catalog

The global manufacturer decided to create an online catalog to help customers navigate hundreds of options to select and combine the most suitable products for their specific needs.

Custom AEM Development

Our Client chose Adobe Experience Manager as a core solution and received setup assistance from the Adobe team. As out-of-the-box features couldn’t cover their needs, the company engaged Axamit to build custom capabilities and integrations.

Custom Solution

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Essential data about products, including characteristics and prices, is sourced directly from the ERP and populated into a basic page template. The catalog displays up-to-date and synced data from the client’s internal systems, ensuring visitors see the most current information.

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Every page of the catalog is enriched with relevant media and textual content preliminarily created in a custom content management console and tied to particular products or listings.

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Customers who have purchased before or who have gathered all necessary information from the catalog can switch to a connected e-commerce store for self-assisted purchases. By offering this option, the company meets the expectations of digital-native customers.

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The integrated Adobe Target solution adjusts the visitor experience based on data about previous interactions that are recorded in their integrated customer profiles.

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In addition to the standard hierarchical structure, the catalog has additional facets — Applications and Solutions — that help visitors select products to be assembled into comprehensive solutions. The Applications section of the catalog display interactive block diagrams illustrating sets of products that can be utilized together to create a circuit designed for a specific purpose.

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Online customer journeys are designed to convert unidentified website visitors into recognized customers by matching anonymous browsing data with personal information provided by visitors during sign-ups, software downloads, or webinar opt-ins.

Results & Wins

The Company has introduced an innovative approach to content management allowing them to publish and update thousands of listing and product detail pages that combine data from the CMS and ERP.
win 01
Built a dynamic catalog that provides accurate information about >80k SKUs.
win 02
new leads via online catalog
win 03
Seamlessly integrated in-house ERP with AEM and a range of Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.
win 04
Contributed to
annual revenue growth
win 05
Ensured seamless management of EN, JP, and CN localized versions of the catalog.
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