Case Study

GatherContent Integrates with AEM for Seamless Content Migration

New GatherContent and AEM integration module ensures effortless content mapping and migration between systems.

Project Overview

SaaS Content Operations Platform that streamlines content production workflows for large businesses.


Build an integration to provide users with the capability of a seamless content exchange between AEM and GatherContent.


Business Analyst, Frontend Developer, QA Engineer

Main Challenges

GatherContent aimed to offer their customers a user-friendly tool that would facilitate the migration of content assets between their content operations platform and Adobe Experience Manager. The company’s objective was to assist customers in standardizing, structuring, and scaling their content production workflows.

To ensure the successful development of this solution, GatherContent sought out AEM developers with extensive experience in integrating Adobe software, guaranteeing the necessary expertise for building a robust and tailored solution.

Custom Solution

Mapping Content Between AEM and GatherContent

Editors can set up import and export mappings between Templates in GatherContent and Pages in AEM and their corresponding components. The capabilities of the integration module allow editors to:

  • Map a GatherContent Template to multiple AEM templates.
  • Map component field structure between GatherContent and AEM.
  • Use AEM Multi-Site Manager to import content to several sites.
  • Configure mapping for content with several language versions.

Import/Export Content between GatherContent and AEM

Editors can migrate content items between systems in both directions using suitable import or export mappings. The results page is displayed for every session with a list of successfully processed and failed items linked to the log file. The integration allows editors to:

  • Replicate the hierarchical structure for imported items or rearrange them.
  • Import content to any AEM components, including custom components.
  • Populate content to multiple locations in the AEM with different import paths.
  • Import metadata attached to content in GatherContent to AEM page properties.

Update Imported/Exported Content

To keep content in sync between the systems, editors can update content that has previously been migrated between AEM and GatherContent in either direction. The integration allows to:

  • Update content even if the DAM hierarchical structure differs between systems.
  • See the list of successfully updated items and check if there were any errors.
  • Get GatherContent workflow statuses for the content items updated automatically.

Regulate Speed and Capacity

The integration plugin ensures efficient data exchange between systems. The editors have control over the plugin resource utilization to align it with other authoring processes. To optimize export, import, and update sessions, editors can:

  • Configure up to 200 parallel worker threads for optimal processing speed.
  • Reduce the number of parallel jobs in system configuration for lower CPU consumption.
  • View progress and results on dedicated URLs for processes running in the background.

Results & Wins

GatherContent and AEM integration module has been maintained by Axamit since 2016 and received several updates. The current version of the integration module is 4.0.

The source code of the solution is available on GitHub. With further improvements and new capabilities requests from GatherContent, Axamit continues this fruitful collaboration.

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