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Adobe Journey Orchestration

Navigate the Customer Journey Maze with Ease and Confidence

Your customers deserve to receive personalized offers based on their interests and needs, without feeling overwhelmed.

You want every one-to-one and one-to-many message to be delivered at the right time and through the best channel.

Yet, your team isn’t able to properly orchestrate contextual experiences relying on guesswork and manual processes.

Our experts can assist you in designing seamless journeys that flow smoothly across different channels.

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Unified Customer Profile

Our consultants ensure seamless integration of AJO with Adobe Experience Platform for you to activate real-time customer profiles that collect data from every journey touchpoint managed using Adobe software and integrated third-party services.

Asset Management

We help you connect AJO to Adobe Experience Manager Assets or any other digital asset management solutions so that you can conveniently use your media files in multi-channel customer communications orchestrated using AJO.

Campaign Orchestration

We know how to create logic for hyper-relevant and timely messages and offers to be delivered to your customers via email, push, and other channels as their journeys progress, with all interactions being automatically logged for future reports and analysis.

Security and Compliance

We adhere to strict privacy and security standards to ensure your data is safely stored and transferred, using best practices for encryption, user authentication, data segregation, access control, and data governance.

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    Our Clients Reap the Benefits. Your Turn Next

    Thanks to Axamit’s technology solutions, we have expanded our reach and connected with a new audience. Companies using Adobe Experience Manager now can benefit from the smooth content management workflows our system provides. Since our collaboration began in 2016, we’re thrilled to see how it consistently enhances GatherContent for our ever-growing community.

    Rectangle 46
    Hugh Downer
    Development Team Lead

    For a decade, we’ve collaborated with Axamit on multiple projects involving Adobe products. Their expertise has consistently proven invaluable, making them a dependable partner. Looking ahead, we anticipate many more years of fruitful collaboration.

    Image 26
    Anatoly Basov
    Director, Global Delivery

    We express our gratitude to Axamit for their valuable contribution to the development of our electric car website. This platform is a key element of our commitment to meeting customer demands for cleaner mobility, aligning seamlessly with our goal of advancing electrification.

    Image 29
    Keshav Oodit
    Head of Connected Services

    The level of expertise and the quality of work delivered by our technological partner, Axamit, were translated into the successful implementation of a project aimed at optimizing business processes and automating the bank’s cross-system data exchange. These efforts resulted in enhanced effectiveness in interactions within various departments.

    Image 27
    Dmitri Timofeev
    Deputy Head of Sourcing Department

    Adobe Journey Optimizer Benefits

    Strong Customer Relationships Throughout Lifecycle

    Personalize journeys to make customers feel valued and understood, driving sales and loyalty.

    Context aware marketing


    Tailor customer journeys in real-time for more engaging interactions and significantly boost your sales, maximizing your marketing impact with precision.
    Scalability and automation

    Scalability and

    Imagine achieving more without added effort—saving precious time and resources while ensuring everyone enjoys the fantastic journeys they rightfully deserve.
    Customer needs anticipation

    Customer Needs

    Ever wanted to predict someone’s desires before they’re spoken? This tool does that for your customer journeys—like a crystal ball for their aspirations.
    Loyalty and revenue growth

    Loyalty and Revenue

    Cultivate enduring loyalty with journeys unique to your customers, fueling profit growth. It’s like nurturing the seeds of success and watching them flourish.

    Multi-Channel Data Activation

    • Email
    • In-app
    • Web
    • Push notifications
    • SMS
    • Direct mail
    • Custom channels

    Data Consolidation and Activation

    • Unified customer profiles
    • Identity resolution
    • Data stitching
    • Live data streams
    • Batch data updates
    • Real-time signals
    • Live geolocation

    Experience Personalization

    • Centralized asset management
    • Central offer library
    • Offer decisioning engine
    • Audience segmentation
    • Journey templates
    • Adobe sensei GenAI

    Experience Cloud Integrations

    • AEM
    • Real-Time CDP
    • Adobe Target
    • Marketo Engage
    • Adobe Analytics
    • Customer Journey Analytics
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    #Marketo Engage

    A Semiconductor Company Gets 38% More Sales Accepted Leads with Customized Marketo Engage

    A global brand implements marketing automation to run effective marketing campaigns using consolidated data about leads.

    Success Rate
    #Experience Manager

    AEM Site for Smart Door Locking System Go-to-Market Strategy

    A global supplier of intelligent access control and authentication solutions develops a website to launch a new brand of smart door locks for SMBs.

    3 mo
    Time to Market
    #Adobe Commerce

    America’s Largest Car Parts Seller Elevates Supply Chain and Boosts Revenue with a Dealer Portal

    A world-class transportation equipment manufacturer delivers superior B2B buyer experience with Adobe Commerce.

    4 mo
    Time to Market
    #Experience Manager

    Automotive Brand Delivers Consistent Digital Experiences Across Sites and Markets

    A car manufacturer implements the AEM CMS to improve and standardize customer experience across sites and regions.

    81 (37%↑)
    Performance Score
    1.9 s (47% faster)
    Speed Index
    #Experience Manager

    Dynamic Product Catalog Drives 26.62% Annual Revenue Growth for a Global Manufacturer

    A manufacturer with over 80 thousand products integrates a custom AEM CMS with ERP for an efficient online catalog.

    #Experience Manager

    GatherContent Integrates with AEM for Seamless Content Migration

    New GatherContent and AEM integration module ensures effortless content mapping and migration between systems.

    AEM Version Support
    In Use

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