Case Study

AEM Site for Smart Door Locking System Go-to-Market Strategy

A global supplier of intelligent access control and authentication solutions develops a website to launch a new brand of smart door locks for SMBs.

Project Overview

A global manufacturer of access control solutions holding a portfolio of about 200 brands


Create a website to support the launch of a new brand of smart door-locking system for small and medium businesses.


AEM Architect, BE Developers, FE Developers, QA Engineers, Project Manager, Business Analyst

Main Challenges

The manufacturer of access management solutions developed an easy-to-use door lock and remote access control mobile app for SMBs. The team needed to build the new brand website within a tight timeframe to start the product launch campaign in the North American market.

Use Multi-tenant Cloud CMS

A new site for the smart door lock brand had to operate on the AEM as a Cloud platform shared with other business units. Such a multi-tenant approach required proper roles and permissions management for several content teams to work securely and independently on a single CMS.

Brand-Centric Web Design

The marketing team had three months to create a website. They wanted to adopt the unique web design provided by a creative agency, which required creating unique page components. The team needed the assistance of proficient AEM consultants to develop custom AEM components quickly.

Connect CMS, CRM, and PIM

The company planned to simplify sales efforts by populating lead data from the new site into CRM. This required them to integrate AEM and Salesforce. Another integration between AEM and the company’s PIM was to ensure product data shown on the website is always up-to-date.

Custom Solution

Seamless cloud deployment


A new website has been built on the company’s multi-tenant AEM platform. The CI/CD pipeline in Cloud Manager has been set up to enable fast and safe deployments and reduce future maintenance efforts.

Custom aem components


To adopt the web design provided by a creative agency, developers upgraded the existing AEM Component Library and added custom components for the hero, accordion, banner, form, search, and other website elements.

Collect leads to crm


Developers integrated Salesforce with the website for the marketing team to collect information about potential partners through online contact forms and populate data to the company CRM.

Source data from pim


The dynamic product description pages combine the content and assets from the CMS with the product data from PIM. Content managers use product IDs to define the PIM data that should appear on pages.

Results & Wins

The supplier of access control solutions received the website for their smart door-locking system as planned, laying the foundation for new brand market entry.
win 01
Made AEM as a Cloud service implementation on a limited budget.
win 02
Released website in
3 mo
just in time for the product launch campaign.
win 03
Efficient CI/CD pipelines for seamless cloud deployments and updates.
win 04
Custom on-brand UI/UX combining product data from PIM with content from CMS.
win 05
Integrated AEM with Salesforce to collect data through online forms.
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