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Axamit Joining Meet Magento New York 2022 Event

Axamit has recently attended the Meet Magento New York 2022 event. Read on to learn the key highlights of Magento and eCommerce practices.

Axamit Team Joining Meet Magento New York 2022 Event

Axamit has recently attended the Meet Magento New York 2022 event. Read on to learn the key highlights of Magento and eCommerce practices.

About Meet Magento New York 2022

MM22NYC is a once-a-year in-person conference with a history of being the only Meet Magento event in the US, which is now back for the first time after three years since the Covid-19 restrictions. We couldn’t miss this fantastic event to make new connections and share our insights.

Why was MM22NYC worth visiting, you may ask? The market share of Magento in the US alone is $240 billion. Among these, 0.3% of the sites earn more than $100 million in revenue, and 27% generate more than $500,000 annually.

This year, Krish TechnoLabs team, an Adobe Partner specializing in Adobe Commerce, organized and hosted the event at a most amazing venue – one of Manhatten’s piers on the Hudson River in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Key Takeaways of MM22NYC

Adobe team was eager to showcase the impact on the digital commerce environment and highlight its key advantages. They also spoke of the most challenging limitations of today’s commerce that Magento can help resolve.

Aside from the Adobe Commerce platform, experts also shared their opinion on the eCommerce industry’s changes and life-changing practices.

“Breaking Barries” was the key topic to discuss. Today, customers want to buy where they want and when they want. That’s why making customers’ journeys smooth and easy from start to finish is crucial. And that’s where Adobe Commerce can morph a poor customer journey into a satisfying experience.

The whole event was divided into three tracks:

  • Business
  • Technical
  • Solutions

Composable Commerce and Its Impact on Your Organization

It was the first business track presented by Marion Freijsen, a Strategic Business Advisor and Commerce Strategy EMEA of Adobe, and Ray Bogman, a Senior Global Software Support Manager of Adobe.

  • Be careful when first approaching Composable Commerce
  • Choose every element carefully based on your business’s needs
  • Composable commerce’s flexibility can help speed up innovation when used correctly

How Can Retail SMBs Meet Digital Transformation and Customer Satisfaction Goals

The first technical track for SMB businesses was presented by Mike Muhlfelder, Vice President of Sales in North America of Jitterbit.

He shared his thoughts on the challenges of growing eCommerce businesses after the pandemic and the importance of data for achieving growth goals.

Optimizing payments for a Stronger eCommerce Brand

Another great business track was presented by Ritesh Somani, Principal product manager of Adobe. He managed to highlight the key difference between Magento open-source and Adobe Commerce. He also explained how the premium version (Adobe Commerce) could help businesses provide a competitive edge in the market.

The community was highly interested in what changes Adobe would implement and what would happen to the open-source version. Adobe assured they would listen to the community’s feedback and keep open-source live while ensuring compliance with the commercial version.

Wrapping Up

With all the experts and invaluable insights, Meet Magento New York 2022 was the best eCommerce event Axamit participated in this year.

Our team also learned about the Magento Association, which actively participates from the Open-Source Community perspective. We look forward to joining it soon.

In the era of digital innovations, we still believe that in-person events are crucial and irreplaceable. It’s the place where you can exchange your expertise, find new partners, and promote your business directly.

To get more information on this event and get any piece of advice on Adobe Commerce, please get in touch with us!

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