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Adobe Summit 2023: Axamit’s Insights on the Newest Trends and Takeaways

Learn more about lessons from Adobe Summit 2023 by an official Adobe’s partner. Dive deep with the latest AI and ML trends and improve your business today!

Lessons Learned at Adobe Summit 2023

Inspiration is the fuel that drives MarTech innovation, and the Adobe Summit events are the ultimate source for it. That’s why experience-centric businesses and marketing technology specialists flock to Las Vegas this year.

Adobe Summit 2023 had a leitmotif of experience-led growth. The speakers of the Summit talked about various ways to achieve it, including personalization at scale, using AI as a co-pilot, supercharging the content supply chain, and more.

As expected, Adobe organized a variety of sessions to provide a tailored experience for each participant and help them take away their unique inspiration. Axamit CEO Paul Ross attended the Summit and here are some highlights of the event he shared.

Embrace AI to Stay Ahead

Given the buzz created by GenAI technology in the industry, it’s not surprising that numerous sessions at the Summit showcased AI-powered products. During the Opening Keynote session, Firefly was introduced as an AI solution generating images for commercial use.

As the marketing world looks to pioneer companies that are already harnessing ML and AI, the light was shed on its potential to bring about radical change. During a discussion between Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe, and Dave Ricks, CEO of Eli Lilly and Company, it became evident that ML and AI are disrupting and transforming even the most conservative industries.

“In his interview with Dave Ricks, Shantanu Narayen offered a fresh perspective on AI innovations. It’s rare to hear about century-old companies disrupting themselves, but the discussion showed that no matter how established a company is, there is always room for growth and evolution.”

— Paul Ross

This year’s Sneaks session also gave a glimpse at the possible use cases for GenAI in Adobe Experience Cloud. The projects developed within Adobe labs will certainly change both how marketing teams create content and how customers interact with it.

Progress in Personalization

One of the companies with the most impressive customer experience personalization was Verizon. Diana Zaccardi, SVP of Digital Marketing and Base Management, together with Chris Paul, VP of Digital, showed how they use Adobe AI and data collection technologies to develop 1:1 relationships with prospects and customers.

The company has developed hundreds of AI models analyzing how both known and anonymous visitors interact with their sites and apps. The models make predictions not only based on historical data but also on visitors’ real-time in-session behavior. With this technology, Verizon can not only respond to customers in a more relevant way but also anticipate their needs, and adjust their journey on the fly.

“I was blown away by the progress that the Verizon team has made with AI models. It would also be interesting to know the results of their freshly launched personalized home page initiative. What stood out to me was their openness when discussing their tactics, experiments, and results. It’s this kind of transparency that makes the Summit sessions so valuable.”

— Paul Ross

Getting to the level of personalization that customers expect today takes companies a lot on the technology side. They need to centralize all the data they collect and make it actionable in every customer touchpoint. That’s what makes companies opt for large-scale digital transformations.

During the Commerce Made Personal session, Meg Knauth, VP of Digital talked about the journey T-Mobile takes in pursuit of customer-centric growth. To build outstanding buying experiences the company decided to move from multiple retail platforms to Adobe Commerce.

“It’s inspiring to see businesses take bold steps towards full-scale transformations with Adobe technology. I’m excited to follow Meg Knauth team’s progress with the Rule of One initiative and see what they achieve in the coming year.”

— Paul Ross

In the context of their partnership with Adobe, Meg Knauth offered valuable advice on productive collaboration with engineering teams. The speaker emphasized the importance of brands openly communicating their business goals and challenges to get better technology solutions much faster.

The True Value of Tech Consulting

For software vendors and consulting companies to help businesses achieve their goals, their engineering teams shall adopt a client-centric mindset. It’s crucial to have specialists that can effectively bridge the gap between business objectives and technical solutions.

“The world has no shortage of software engineers who can write excellent code. What companies need are engineers who get both the technical and business sides of things. That’s what sets the best consulting companies apart.”

— Paul Ross

Companies are looking for Adobe Solution Partners that know how to solve business problems with ever-evolving technologies. They seek advice on the optimal way to bring their ideas to life. Only those consultants who augment their hands-on experience with the knowledge of recent product use cases across industries can leave up to these expectations.

“As powerful as out-of-the-box software can be, it never fully covers every requirement a business has. Our job is to help our clients use the core capabilities of every solution to the max and custom-code any missing features. This approach allows them to avoid overpaying for multiple pieces of software with overlapping functionalities.”

— Paul Ross

Knowing the jobs every software can do for a particular business, an Adobe Solution Partner can suggest a combination of tools that meet particular business needs best. Customers get a perfect architectural solution and a roadmap for their digital transformation, giving them a clear vision of where they’re heading and how to get there.

Looking Forward to What’s Next

Once again, Adobe Summit proved to be a must-attend event for anyone in the MarTech industry seeking inspiration and insight, providing a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving business landscape, and showcasing successful Adobe software use cases.

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