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Meet Magento NYC 2023 Opens a New Chapter in Magento History

Now that the initial excitement has settled, it’s time to reflect on this year’s Meet Magento NYC

It evolved beyond a typical two-day conference featuring tech and business speeches and a fun pre-party, becoming a place where the community addressed long-standing questions and challenges. 

This exchange of ideas contributed to the formulation of potential courses of action, marking the beginning of a new chapter in Magento’s history.

It’s Everyone’s Business

The Above the Fray team brought together folks who have spent decades cultivating their expertise in Magento—professionals from companies that have built a large part of their businesses around the implementation and development of e-commerce services.

Representatives from Adobe, Magento Association, Mage-OS and IT consulting companies that build and maintain e-commerce platforms met for a dialog. 

Aspirations and concerns regarding the present and future of this ecosystem-shaping technology permeated the atmosphere. We were all eager to learn about the current state of affairs and what lies ahead.

Adobe Commerce (SaaS)

Ritesh Somani, Principal Product Manager at Adobe Commerce represented Adobe and acknowledged the community’s new challenge of navigating two ecosystems.

Although Adobe Commerce and Magento OS have a common code foundation, they cater to businesses with distinct needs—SMBs and enterprises.

This disparity will naturally result in more pronounced distinctions between SaaS and open-source solutions.

Magento and Mage-OS

Сommunity thought leaders, Mathias Schreiber, Executive Director of Magento Association, and Ryan Hoerr, Board Member of Mage-OS, shared their insights on the open-source platform’s future. 

During a community-curated Q&A session, they deliberated on the strategies for driving the ongoing development and marketing of the open-source solution.

They expanded upon the notion of community-driven commerce and discussed the concept of Mage-OS as a product that builds upon Magento. 

It’s fascinating to observe how the community views and develops the new strategies and whether these initiatives prove to revitalize the open-source solution.

Case Studies and Insights

The event hosts curated an excellent lineup of speakers across the technology, business, and solutions tracks. To the delight of all attendees, this year’s presentations included insightful case studies and delved into real-world e-commerce challenges and their corresponding solutions.

Technical Track

The speakers shared their insights on optimizing performance, embracing headless e-commerce, leveraging artificial intelligence, and tackling technical challenges unique to the open-source platform. 

These sessions were a playground for developers and engineers looking to push the boundaries of their technical prowess in the world of Magento and beyond.

Business Track 

The speakers touched upon the topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, and shared strategies for e-commerce businesses to stay competitive in the global market. 

The Business track also delved into customer-centric approaches, emphasizing accessible e-commerce, and offered a 360-degree view of market trends and strategies.
One notable standout was the speech titled Increase Revenue With Building Accessible E-commerce delivered by Kuba Zwolinski, Founder & CEO at Snowdog.

Zwolinski’s presentation shed light on the missed opportunities that many companies fail to capitalize on by not catering to the needs of individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities. 

Zwolinski’s speech highlighted not only the business potential but also the social and legal dimensions of ensuring inclusivity in the e-commerce landscape. 

The event hosts should be praised for giving people a chance to talk about social issues. This is an important step in making e-commerce fair and open to everyone.

Solutions Track

The speakers focused on practical, real-world applications, and solutions that bridge the gap between technology and business. 

This track addressed pressing challenges faced by e-commerce professionals, such as tax compliance, digital accessibility, and the ever-essential checkout optimization. 
The session titled E-commerce, a Developer’s Story with Josh Ward, VP of Sales at Liquid Web, and Nicanor Gioffre, Co-Founder of Improntus was a standout due to its captivating interview style.

The session’s format was both engaging and fresh. It created room for showcasing personality and storytelling. 

It was intriguing to learn about the speaker’s practical expertise, the operational methodologies employed by their company, and the unique dynamics of the South American market in which they operate.


At Axamit, we closely monitor the ongoing Magento community developments, and actively seek out opportunities to participate and make meaningful contributions.

As an Adobe Solution Partner, we hold a strong belief in the future of our Adobe Commerce implementation services and remain committed to helping e-commerce businesses provide outstanding customer experiences.

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