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Adobe Summit 2024: Axamit Packs It With Value

Axamit is thrilled to participate in Adobe Summit 2024 in Las Vegas. If you represent a marketing agency or an IT consulting company, let’s connect. 

There’s always room for collaboration, and this time, we’ve crafted two special offers for new partners that you won’t want to overlook.

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New Partnerships on Your Summit Agenda

When your client ventures beyond your core expertise, having a reliable partner to bridge the gap swiftly is invaluable.

The need for a genius AEM architect or virtuoso Marketo practitioner can arise unexpectedly. 

However, with pre-established dependable partnerships, you’ll never find yourself rushing to fill these roles at the last minute.

It’s the Best Time to Begin a Partnership

Axamit stands as your reliable source for high-end expertise in Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions. You can reach out to us for assistance in complex projects anytime.

Yet, the best time to reach us is during the Adobe Summit 2024. We have two exclusive offers awaiting new marketing and technology partners who engage with us on the spot. Don’t miss your chance to pick up your giveaways and discounts.

Pro Bono 4-Hour Discovery

Pick up the brains of our top solution architects who will advise on all things Adobe. Your team can collaborate with our experts to brainstorm solutions for specific Adobe implementation or integration challenges.

  1. Meet us at the Adobe Summit to reserve a free-of-charge discovery session
  2. Address any challenges your team is facing with Adobe Experience Cloud products. 
  3. Get structured discussion and research with a follow-up solution summary.

50% off Adobe Solution Audit 

Rely on our Adobe Solution 360° Audit to get the freedom to move forward. 

What you do:

  1. Meet us at the Adobe Summit to secure your discount.
  2. Reach out to us within the next three months to schedule your audit.
  3. Choose a platform: AEM, Marketo, or Adobe Commerce.

What you get:

  • Agreement and Kick-off. We answer your questions before finalizing the agreement. You can rest assured that you’ll receive all the expected deliverables and the NDA protects your sensitive information.
  • Research and Survey. ​​Our experts will analyze your documentation and post-implementation artifacts and survey key stakeholders using a well-structured questionnaire to tailor the audit to your company’s needs.
  • Stakeholder Interviews. Our experts will hold one-on-one calls with the members of your sales, marketing, business ops, and technical teams to clarify your company’s vision, goals, and challenges.
  • Technical Assessment. Consultants will do a health check of your Adobe platform to identify, document, and address any issues, inefficiencies, and opportunities for optimization.
  • Report and Roadmap. We set up a call to go through the report with you to highlight insights and discuss action items with a question-and-answer session for you to decide on the next steps.

Seize this opportunity to avail a $15,000 value audit at a 50% discount.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Adobe Summit 2024! Let’s ensure it’s an experience filled with value!

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March 13, 2024
Adobe Summit 2024: Axamit Packs It With Value

Axamit is thrilled to participate in Adobe Summit 2024 in Las Vegas. If you represent a marketing agency or an IT consulting company, let’s connect.

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