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Axamit Taking Part in Adobe Partner Day in Warsaw

This year, we had the pleasure of being invited to Adobe Partner Day in Warsaw and are ready to share our findings about Adobe Commerce and AEM implementations.

Adobe Partner Day in Warsaw

On August 31, 2022, Adobe organized an event dedicated to business solution partners in Warsaw. Axamit, Alexey Bulgakov, and Nikita Komarov visited Adobe Partners Day at the congress center of Hotel Novotel Warszawa.

Together with colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe, we had the opportunity to go through the latest news about the Adobe Experience Cloud products, Workfront, Adobe Commerce roadmap, and go-to-market strategy.

Before the event, there was a meeting with Adobe’s key regional partners (EMEA). Our team discussed the main issues we met during the Covid-19 pandemic and what changed after the lockdown was over. We also discussed the current world situation and global marketplace conditions, as well as the challenges we face in a rapidly evolving global environment.

The event itself was divided into two main parts. The morning session was focused more on the most popular Adobe Experience Cloud products.

The afternoon was entirely dedicated to Adobe Commerce (aka Magento). This part covered the product development plans and the latest updates in depth.

Here’s a brief overview of the 6 discussed blocks with corresponding benefits.

Superior Omnichannel Commerce Experiences

PWA Studio and the new Venia storefront allow customers to build world-class storefront experiences.

  • Streamlined customer experience
  • Full suite for designers
  • Enhanced business user management
  • Enterprise-compatible infrastructure

Store fulfillment ensures an advanced Buy Online/Pickup in Store or Curbside experience and strengthens store employees’ productivity.

  • Increased customer conversions
  • Up-to-date tools to empower in-store operations efficiency

Marketing & Personalization

Adobe Commerce data integrated into AEP/AEC can help merchants to establish a fully-fledged customer view and provide powerful merchandising & marketing support.

  • Commerce data in Experience Cloud
  • Standardized and consistent data delivery

AEP provides more tailored-made shopping experiences in Adobe Commerce with AEC service integrations.

  • AEP unified profile and segments
  • Target shoppers consistency


SaaS service augments the current APIs, removes eSKU limitations, and provides fast catalog data harvesting.

  • Improved conversion rates
  • Enhanced performance
  • Enriched scalability
  • Advanced reliability

Unified business experience streamlines business user productivity.

  • New Cloud integrations support
  • Cross-app notifications, help, and telemetry

Adobe Assets help create rich commerce experiences that engage customers to increase conversion and AOV.

  • Scalable Asset Management
  • Bulk updates
  • Rich media

Intelligent Commerce

New enhancements will improve flexibility in creating recommendations, more powerful admin tools, and broader customization options.

  • New and Enhanced AI/ML
  • More Powerful Admin Tools
  • Broader Integration

Merchants can deploy more easily, provide powerful merchandising assistance, and support more use cases.

  • Frictionless Deployment
  • Enhanced Admin Tools
  • Broader Integration

User-friendly and easy-to-use admin controls and real-time updates to personalize the ranking of Product Listing Pages in real-time.

  • Adobe Sensei power
  • Everything in one place
  • Always up-to-date

Scalable Cloud Platform

Merchants can customize processes, integrate systems, and deploy new capabilities while maintaining SaaS-like upgradeability.

  • Unified Extensibility Framework
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Powerful Middleware
  • Storefront & Backoffice UI Extensibility
  • API Extensibility
  • Developer Experience

Updating other systems based on events and supporting key integration processes.

  • Rich experiences
  • End-to-end processes

Modularity and Extensibility

A scalable cloud platform that supports massive traffic, large complex catalogs, and global deployments.

  • Faster Catalog & Pricing APIs
  • Unlimited Custom Catalogs
  • Merchant Experience
  • Rock-solid Security
  • Blue / Green Deployments
  • Cloud Admin Improvements
  • Autoscaling

The day started with the registration process. Our team then had the pleasure of meeting familiar faces and greeting everyone during a coffee break. The first presentation explained the organization of the day and was led by Tereza Vískova, Senior Partner Sales Manager at Adobe.

Then Karl Hinterholzer, Head of Sales in Austria & Eastern Europe, shared his vision of Adobe’s go-to-market strategy in Eastern Europe. “Changing the world through a digital experience,” he said. Adobe’s products focus on creating, managing, and distributing digital experiences.

Personalization is the key here. And this presentation proved Adobe Products can definitely ensure personalization across all the user and customer journey steps.

Speakers Radim Sevcik (Expert Partner Solutions Consultant, Data & Insights), Tareq Fadel (Expert Solutions Consultant, Content & Commerce), and John Baxendale (Senior Partner Solutions Architect) focused on the demonstration of the entire set of Adobe business tools.

First, we were immersed in Adobe Experience Cloud structure and its relationship with Creative Cloud and Document Cloud. Tareq Fadel then talked about the possibilities of Workfront and AEM integration. AEM is designed to create and manage content using internal modules like Sites, Assets, Screens, and Forms.

For instance, backed by AI-based Adobe Sensei, the background of the images can be automatically removed, various styles might be applied, the customer’s screen can follow objects in the video clips by a dynamic crop, etc. This and other OOTB features allow you to focus on more crucial tasks and significantly shorten time-to-market.

In the afternoon, Volker John (Senior Market Sales Executive) and Michal Kaczmarek (Adobe Commerce Specialist) outlined the Adobe Commerce go-to-market strategy and the integration capabilities with Adobe Commerce, Analytics, Real-Time CDP, Target, Campaign, and Customer Journey.

The next day, Axamit met with the Adobe team at their office in Warsaw to discuss partnership questions. This event was very intense and exciting. Adobe team did a great job and prepared an amazing event full of valuable information. Our team was also happy to finally meet with other colleagues and discuss the latest news after a long break.

If you want more information regarding this event or you need help with Adobe products, our team of seasoned experts is always ready to help!

Please feel free to drop us a line any time you see fit.

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