What Is Adobe Sensei: More Impactful Marketing With Smart AI


So, tell us: How many hours of your day do you waste doing menial marketing tasks…when you could be out there making strides?

It’s no secret that cutting out this menial work lies in a future with ethical assistive AI.

Apart from their more… unusual applications, like generating uncanny pizza commercials, popular AI platforms all do one thing really well: Taking care of technical tasks that you hate wasting time on.

While Open AI resources may have helped you here and there, they’re not designed to bring specialized intelligence to the platforms and features you already use.

But don’t lose hope. There is an AI solution that meets you where you are, marketers.

It’s called Adobe Sensei, and it’s specifically made to help you where you need it most—in delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

So, What is Adobe Sensei?

Adobe Sensei AI technology is an increasingly intelligent solution for advanced marketing and content creation needs.

It’s important to know that it’s not a separate app or software that you can purchase. Instead, it functions as an included tool within Adobe’s suite of platforms.

Because it’s been built for Adobe’s product suite, it integrates directly with specific Adobe platform features in order to perform load-lifting tasks and present valuable, predictive insights.

What Can Adobe Sensei Do for Marketers?

One of the fun things about Adobe Sensei’s AI is that it’s not limited to one kind of use. For instance, it’s not exclusively a text generator, or not exclusively an image analyzer.

Because it’s a tool hosted natively within Adobe’s product suite, Sensei AI features and capabilities differ depending on what Adobe product you’re using.

For now, here’s a (non-exhaustive) introductory taste of what Sensei can help you accomplish across multiple apps in Adobe’s marketing suite:

  • Auto-tagging of assets and metadata extraction on upload.
  • Intelligent content analysis and optimized delivery.
  • In-depth customer journey analysis, segmentation, and insights.
  • Incremental and cross-channel performance forecasting.
  • Predictive scoring for leads and opportunities.
  • Generative AI solutions with Sensei GenAI.

No matter where you’re involved in the customer journey, Sensei is stuffed with incredible tools to help you engage, nurture, grow, and analyze.

Plus, on top of Sensei’s existing AI capabilities, Adobe has also introduced a generative AI component as an added sidekick to help out across many Adobe products. We’ll expand on that a bit more next!

Adobe Sensei GenAI: Generative AI for Marketers

Generative AI’s been a huge talking point in many different industries, but it’s safe to say that Adobe’s been taking GenAI technology to new heights.

Adobe Sensei GenAI services are intended to help you generate content wisely—using customer insights to inform what type of content it needs to make next to appeal to specific audiences.

Across the platforms it can be used in, Adobe Sensei Generative AI is capable of accomplishing tasks like new audience generation and launch, generative chatbots, asset variation generation, on-brand AI copywriting, and more.

Plus, with the addition of Adobe Express, you’ll also gain access to Firefly, Adobe’s GenAI tool for prompt-to-image generation.

Added bonus: Firefly also ethically sources either public domain or licensed stock content to build your AI-generated images. So, you’ll never run into copyright or theft issues with GenAI content.

How to Use Adobe Sensei with Adobe Products

Okay, now that you know more about Sensei and its new GenAI capabilities, let’s circle back. Remember how we mentioned earlier that Sensei’s use cases vary depending on what Adobe Experience Cloud product you’re working with?

Don’t worry, we weren’t planning to head out without giving you a breakdown of its incredible features per platform. (We’d never!)

Knowing what Sensei can do (or is doing) to help you in your platforms of choice is your first step toward making the most of its power-packed possibilities. So, let’s get started!

AEM + Adobe Sensei

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an incredibly useful tool for creating and unifying your customer experiences across your sites.

Because so much work and so many teams are involved in crafting a consistent customer experience, it makes sense to give the platform a little AI boost.

That said, Adobe Sensei for AEM works within two pieces of AEM software: AEM Assets and AEM Sites.

Sensei in AEM Assets

Let’s be honest, attaching metadata and applying tags to company images, videos, and on…isn’t the most effective way to spend your time.

Thankfully, Adobe Sensei doesn’t mind taking care of these things for you. In AEM Assets, Sensei can:

  • Auto-tag company assets.
  • Automatically read asset metadata.
  • Crop images to make responsive size variations, while maintaining focal points.
  • Summarize text files for use with shorter format content needs.
  • Image-to-image Adobe Sensei search, to find images similar to another image.

All these features work to maintain a highly organized and easily navigable Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform, and speed up your content delivery overall.

Sensei in AEM Sites

When it comes to creating new sites and keeping content consistent across them, AEM Sites simplifies and automates plenty of the process, even without Sensei’s involvement. That said, there’s still room for AI to help.

In AEM Sites, Sensei works to help you score and reward your user community members with badges for quality participation.

Additionally, Sensei’s new GenAI features enable you to automatically generate new content, or reformat existing content to meet new needs.

Marketo Engage + Adobe Sensei

Currently, the predominant feature that Sensei offers in Marketo Engage is predictive content.

Playing catch-up with your users’ interests leads to “one step behind” style content testing. But with Adobe Sensei in your back pocket, you’ll have the power of AI predictions to decide what content to serve, to whom, and when.

Sensei analyzes customer insights surrounding what happens after users engage with specific content across your site. It then makes predictions about what content would have the greatest effect on future cross-channel audiences.

Real-Time CDP + Adobe Sensei

In the modern age, customer data tends to be most useful to us when we have an AI companion compiling hefty sums of data and making predictions based on sophisticated signals. Naturally, that’s what Adobe Sensei does best.

In Real-Time CDP, Sensei:

  • Auto-assigns propensity scores to B2C customers, and creates predictive insights about them.
  • Auto-scores your B2B accounts, and predicts the intent of your leads.
  • Predicts individual churn or conversion potential, and explains why.
  • Predicts which insights and audiences are most valuable to be acted on.

Simply put, Sensei helps you know more about your leads sooner, and predicts when and why you should act on valuable opportunities.

Journey Optimizer + Adobe Sensei

Journey Optimizer is known for its ability to tie together online and offline customer data, read their activity signals, and enable you to provide customized nudges across channels.

If this wasn’t already powerful enough, Sensei also pushes the mold by offering intelligence and GenAI assistance.

Sensei can help you analyze real-time customer activities, and decide what type of messaging would be most effective served to those audiences next.

In terms of generative AI, Sensei can:

  • Analyze your brand voice and create new copy that matches it.
  • Use Adobe-included templates to create customer journeys for you.
  • Create new ethics-conscious content through Firefly for use across channels.

With Sensei on your side, Journey Optimizer can deliver even more effective data-driven messaging and make smarter messaging decisions so you stay ahead of the game.

Customer Journey Analytics + Adobe Sensei

Any successful marketer knows that the most helpful analyses need to take both a bird’s eye view and a fine-toothed comb to data, which can be intensive.

Thankfully, Sensei makes that (and more) so much simpler. With Sensei, Customer Journey Analytics helps you:

  • Gain cause-and-effect style insights based on customer behaviors.
  • Shine a light on anomalies that are continually impacting your business.
  • Get answers for in-the-moment questions using GenAI.
  • Learn from your metrics and predict new paths to success.
  • Create smarter, more detailed audience segmentation and attribution.

Leveraging Sensei’s AI only increases and improves your learnings from online and offline customer data, which in turn leads to more successful future strategies.

Adobe Analytics + Adobe Sensei

Similar to Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe Analytics focuses on data specifically from online sources, like the web and apps. And Adobe Sensei is there to help you compile and interpret this data in smarter ways.

Sensei works within Adobe Analytics to:

  • Intelligently analyze and compare segments.
  • Detect new or unusual customer behavior, alert you, and explain why it occurred.
  • Smart identification and grouping of similar customers.
  • Automatically find customers with high conversion potential.
  • Find the stages in your attribution funnel that had the biggest impact.

Inevitably, Adobe Sensei leads to clearer insights, which means stronger future successes. And isn’t that something every marketer looks forward to, after all?


Gone are the days when marketers needed to manually analyze large datasets, mine for insights, reformat content, and so on. Now, marketers can return to the decision-making that matters most with the help of AI.

By now, you’ve learned how Adobe’s AI, Sensei, ticks, where it fits, and how it helps reduce burdensome workloads. You might even be convinced that you need Sensei’s help to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Now, if you haven’t implemented Adobe products like Analytics, Marketo Engage, or Experience Manager into your workflow yet, and are curious to know how, we’re here to help! Our experts are standing by to answer any questions you might have about migrating to Adobe’s suite of marketing software.


Is Adobe Sensei part of Creative Cloud?

Yes, Adobe Sensei also has certain integrations within the Creative Cloud. Adobe Sensei for Creative Cloud features capabilities like neural filters in Adobe Photoshop. Firefly also has integrations in the Creative Cloud, through features like generative fill.

When did Adobe Sensei start?

Adobe Sensei was first launched for Adobe Cloud applications in 2016.

Does Adobe AI use CPU or GPU?

Adobe Sensei’s machine learning can use either GPU or CPU to train.

How can you get Adobe Sensei?

Adobe Sensei is natively built into many of Adobe’s software apps, from Creative Cloud to Analytics Cloud, to Experience Manager, and on.

How much does Adobe Sensei cost?

Adobe Sensei isn’t a standalone platform, it enables various smart features inside your existing Adobe software. The availability of these features depends on your license.

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