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Participation in the IT Entrance 2017 conference

The company Axamit took part in “IT Entrance”. Pavel Veinik presented a report entitled “Adobe Experience Manager: platform, opportunities, and training”

On September 16, the company Axamit took part in “IT Entrance”, the annual conference for IT beginners held in the Hi-Tech Park (HTP) business incubator. The event, which attracted more than 1,400 participants, was supported by international IT companies.

Pavel Veinik presented a report entitled “Adobe Experience Manager: platform, opportunities, and training”. Apart from explaining how to start a career in IT, and how to choose a programming language, he also spoke in some detail about the prospects of working with different platforms. Using the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) as an example, he talked about the growing demand for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) professionals, the shortage of the AEM experts on the labor market and, as a result, the continuing rise in the salaries. of AEM-developers.

Pavel introduced new courses for AEM specialists, which had been developed in collaboration with the ITStart programming school. The basic course, “Entrance to AEM development world””, is aimed at anyone who has never worked with the AEM platform before, but has experience in Java and would like to build a career in the field of Adobe enterprise solutions.

After completing the first course, it’s possible to proceed to the second: “Adobe Experience Manager – Advanced”. This course is suitable for those who already have experience in AEM development or have completed our basic course, – those who want to deepen their knowledge and move up the career ladder to a Senior AEM Developer or AEM Architect position.

The third course “Preparation For Adobe Certification”, is designed for those who want to confirm their knowledge with an official certificate from the Adobe certification center. Axamit invests in talented and motivated people, and it sponsors the best students from the Center of Excellence by paying for their Adobe certification.

Adobe Experience Manager courses are something completely new to Belarus and the region in general. There are some companies on the market that work with AEM; previously, however, no one trained their specialists, with the exception of Axamit, which provided internships in the company and free training for its employees. With the increasing demand for these specialists and the growing popularity of the platform itself, the company has now decided to apply its best experience and knowledge in the field and open the school doors to all comers. During the conference, the Axamit stand aroused interest not only from students and IT specialists, but also from other IT schools, who wanted to get more information about the new course for Belarus.

Learn more about courses at the Center of Excellence.

Photos from the conference on our Facebook page.

Video of report by Pavel Veinik “Adobe Experience Manager: platform, opportunities, training“.

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