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Innovative. Informative. Inspiring: Axamit is heading to Adobe Summit 2019

For about 10 years, Adobe Systems has been holding an annual summit in Las Vegas. Axamit, an Adobe Partner since 2011, took part in this new event.

Historically, the summit annually gathers thousands of marketers, business owners, and decision-makers who is willing to learn about the most innovative practices, successful projects, and determine the development vector in the era of maximum digitalization. By tradition, visitors will be able to learn about a practical application of each product, their interaction with each other and with third-party services, as well as the development strategy for the coming year.

The Adobe Summit will be held from March 24 to 28, where solutions for various business areas will be presented:

  • Retail & eCommerce;
  • Finance & Insurance services;
  • Government;
  • Healthcare;
  • High Tech & B2B;
  • Media & Entertainment;
  • Travel & Hospitality.

Must-Visit events

There are scheduled more than 300 lectures, presentations, workshops and panel discussions on the conference. Visitors are waiting for performances by owners and CEOs of companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, Fox Sports, SunTrust Bank, Best Buy on the main stage.

At the Marketo section, organizers promise to arrange a sort of university, where students will be told not only about the basic concept and scenarios of working with the Marketo Engagement Platform but also immersed in modern marketing automation. In turn, representatives of Magento will be part of the keynote speeches, and workshops on the development of customer experience in online shopping.

The summit will host Experience Maker Awards with the awarding of vendor’s partners in 8 categories. The award was preceded by a rigorous selection of projects implemented in the past fiscal year. Therefore, participants had to not only show their expertise but also clearly demonstrate the positive impact on the client’s business.

High customer expectations and a strong competitive environment commit businesses to stay up-to-date with current trends. To find out how to transform your business into an effective digital company, we invite you to meet at the Adobe Summit 2019. Contact us and we will schedule a meeting.

Date: March 24 ― 28, 2019

Place: Sands Convention Center и Venetian Congress Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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