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Axamit Sets Course for Marketing Automation Consulting

An official Adobe partner, Axamit has announced its expansion into marketing automation consulting. We leverage its technical expertise to assist businesses with developing and implementing powerful marketing automation strategies.

Axamit Sets Course for Marketing Automation Consulting

Our team represented by Alexey Bulgakov, Alexander Smirnov, and Nikita Komarov had an amazing opportunity to join Adobe Partner Day in Warsaw on March 1st, 2023. Axamit was among 21 Adobe Solution Partners from six countries who got together to learn and share insights about Adobe’s latest solutions.

During the event, Adobe specialists presented key promising areas for partners, including scalable personalization, efficient content supply chains, and marketing automation. Then the participants discussed Adobe’s sales and partner strategy, gaining valuable insights and knowledge.

One of the highlights of the event for Axamit was our discussion with Andre Wagner, Senior Solution Sales Specialist Customer Journey Management. Our team had the chance to showcase our marketing automation consulting team’s achievements, particularly in the implementation of Marketo Engage. They aligned with Adobe on the kind of talent we need to strengthen our team and explored ways to deepen expertise in Marketo Engage and Customer Journey Optimizer.

Additionally, our team had the pleasure of meeting Martin Wolf, Senior Solution Sales Specialist Content Building, and Manfred Wartenberg, Senior Solution Sales Specialist Adobe Workfront. They dove into how Workfront and AEM work together to enable teams to operate seamlessly across departments and spend less time managing disjointed tools. They also highlighted that building efficient content supply chains for Adobe customers is a promising area for Axamit to explore and expand.

“At Axamit, we see a great opportunity in the niche of marketing automation and content supply chain consulting. We’ve already made significant progress in this direction, and we’re eager to take on new projects and scale our team of certified specialists working with Marketo Engage, Customer Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Workfront.”

— Alexey Bulgakov, Head of Business Development of Axamit

We’re thrilled that Adobe Partner Days are back, and we can’t emphasize enough how valuable face-to-face meetings are for collaboration. We extend our sincere thanks to Tereza Víšková, Strategic Partner & Alliances Lead Eastern Europe, for organizing this outstanding event.

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