Case Study

New eGovernment Portal Defines the Future of Public Services

An eGovernment online portal integrates AEM Forms for smooth information and document exchange between citizens and the government.

Our Client

An agency leading the charge in developing digital public services for citizens


Provide high-quality public services to people and reduce the government’s operational costs through efficient management of electronic documents.


Solution Architect, Business Analyst, Software Engineers, QA Team, DevOps Engineer
  • Adobe Experience Manager Forms
  • XML Transformations
  • PDF/A Documents
  • 10+ integrations with government services
  • 6 million citizens in the target user base
  • 25% document processing time reduction

Main Challenges

The national agency in charge of the digital transformation of public services develops the central citizen portal. As a measure to increase the speed and efficiency of administrative operations, the agency decided to streamline online form submission and processing by integrating AEM Forms into the eGovernment system.

AEM Forms in a Multi-Vendor Ecosystem

The agency had to build a new form management platform and connect it to a dozen software systems operating under the hood of eGovernment. This initiative required a thoughtful approach to using XML transformations during the data exchange.

Solution for Pixel-Perfect PDF Generation

The agency had to find a way to create pixel-perfect PDF templates and attach them to specific forms for subsequent dynamic content and data generation on the citizen portal.

Support Unified Form Package Generation

The forms generated in AEM had to pass a specific validation and registration process in the central document management system of the government.

Integrate with a Custom Identity Provider

It was required to introduce rigorous security protocols to help citizens securely submit their data through online forms. An integration with the government’s Identity Provider for SSO was needed for a seamless user identification on the portal.

Custom Solution

AEM developers from Axamit have built a form management solution using extensive out-of-the-box capabilities of AEM Forms. The solution was built to handle hundreds of form types. It allowed both the creation of digital forms from scratch and the import of old forms from legacy systems.

AEM Forms & eGovernment Services
Efficient UX/UI Management

The AEM Forms platform leverages a comprehensive set of configurable rules for forms, for example, a palette of predefined components, conditions, validations, wizards, etc. This allows designers to create dynamic and user-friendly forms.

Consistent ui Consistent UX/UI

A uniform design has been implemented to ensure a cohesive and intuitive experience for the users of the citizen portal.

Secure authentication Secure Authentication

The use of SSO ensured that users who passed the authentication on the citizen portal didn’t have to log in to submit forms.

Styling and clientlibs Styling and Clientlibs

The styling resources and client libraries were centralized to ensure an on-brand design and consistent behavior for every element.

Form customization Form Customization

Special features were added for Designers to customize the look and behavior of particular form elements in any specific form.

Smooth Data Management

The AEM-based form management system ensures seamless and compliant workflows for data collection, validation, transfer, and processing.

Data standardization Data Standardization

A unified data format has been established to improve the consistency of data submitted via online forms, simplify data transmission, and ensure efficient data processing.

Xml transformation XML Transformation

Developers have introduced custom transformations to meet specific business requirements for efficient use of XML data in eGovernment workflows and applications.

Data validation Data Validation

Specific validation rules have been implemented to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the submitted forms.

Error handling Error Handling

Thorough validation at the data entry stage helped minimize errors and inconsistencies improving data quality and reliability.

Reliable Document Creation

Proper PDF/A-3 document generation workflows ensure compliance with archival standards while preserving the integrity and accessibility of embedded information. Advanced rendering technologies help generate files with accurate layouts and colors in high resolution, resulting in visually consistent and professional-looking PDF/A documents.

A embedded data PDF/A Embedded Data

Based on the information collected through the forms, this service creates PDF/A-3 documents and embeds accurate and structured data in the files.

Pdf meta-data PDF/A Meta-data

The system embeds metadata in the PDF/A-3 documents ensuring they meet regulatory requirements for compliance and record-keeping.

A conversion PDF to PDF/A Conversion

The system converts the existing PDF documents into PDF/A, the format specifically designed for long-term archiving and preservation.

Pdf generation PDF/A Generation

The service generates high-fidelity pixel-perfect PDF/A files, reproducing the original layout, formatting, and graphical elements of source documents.

  • Adobe Experience Manager Forms
  • XML Transformations
  • PDF/A Documents
  • 10+ integrations with government services
  • 6 million citizens in the target user base
  • 25% document processing time reduction

Results & Wins

The consulting team from Axamit helped the national digital agency to architect and develop a new AEM-based form management system that provided for efficient and compliant data collection, document generation, and storage.
win 01
A dozen integrations with services from the government data network.
win 02
More than
citizens make a user base.
win 03
Significant cost savings and operational efficiencies through the use of digital forms.
win 04
reduction in form processing time.
win 05
A seamless conversion of existing PDF documents into the PDF/A format.
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