Case Study

Secureworks Improves Brand Perception with a Complete Website Revamp

A global cybersecurity leader enhances its online presence by upgrading the website to deliver a seamless UX and fresh, on-brand design.

Project Overview

Secureworks, a renowned provider of cybersecurity solutions, serving over 4,000 clients in 50 countries


Revitalize the company's corporate website to provide a user-friendly experience and elevate brand perception.


Project Manager, Sitecore Developer, Frontend Developers, QA

Main Challenges

With decades of experience in security services, Secureworks realized the need for a major overhaul of its digital properties. Their marketing team aimed to deliver a modern online experience and opted for a headless content management approach, necessitating a technology stack upgrade.

Dynamic Website & Sitecore CMS

The web developers needed to design a flexible architecture for the dynamic website, defining content display styles and rules, while also giving content managers the freedom to structure each page in the Sitecore CMS. This approach aimed to ensure a seamless content delivery experience.

Update Sitecore to the Latest Version

To launch the new website, an upgrade from Sitecore version 9 to 10 was imperative. This upgrade was required to enable the adoption of a headless CMS and the use of an enterprise-grade JavaScript framework in the new dynamic website.

Custom Solution

Unlock headless content delivery


Upgrading to Sitecore version 10 allowed the team to harness the efficiency of the new JavaScript SDK (JSS), facilitating the use of headless services with the Next.js web app.

Horizon editor for authoring


The CMS update empowered the team to make full use of the new Horizon editor, streamlining content authoring and supporting multilingual content management.

Next.js Dynamic Website

The frontend developers have created an engaging website with a polished interface, promising smooth user experiences. The implementation of Next.js significantly accelerated the development process, simplifying setup and eliminating unnecessary code.

Enterprise ready js framework


The new website was built based on the Next.js framework that provides flexible content delivery models including static site generation, server-side rendering, and a hybrid approach.

Jamstack architecture


The new web solution met the requirements of content managers without imposing any technical constraints on Sitecore’s authoring interface and CMS capabilities.

Performance Optimization

Modern web development patterns and SEO best practices were implemented to ensure a clean and easy-to-maintain codebase and optimize the website performance.



Site performance optimization techniques significantly improve page loading speed and ensure visitors can swiftly access the content they are looking for, leading to increased engagement and higher satisfaction levels.

Seo best practices


Technical SEO enhancements for Next.js apps included optimizing meta tags, schema markup, sitemaps, URL structures, and performance for improved search engine visibility and ranking.

Results & Wins

Secureworks successfully rejuvenated its website and CMS, providing a contemporary user experience while enhancing brand perception and positioning itself for continued leadership in the cybersecurity industry.
win 01
We have built a dynamic website using the robust Next.js framework, ideal for enterprise projects.
win 02
CMS version upgrade
9 to 10
has unlocked the headless features of Sitecore XP.
win 03
We have introduced a contemporary web design to enhance brand perception and refresh the site’s look and feel.
win 04
Time to market
9 mo
for a complete website upgrade.
win 05
We have simplified the process of creating content in the CMS to make publishing more efficient.
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