Case Study

Host Hotels & Resorts, an S&P 500 company that owns 80 luxury and upper-upscale hotels across the US

The largest US lodging real estate investment trust enhances its website to provide a seamless online experience for investors.

Project Overview

Host Hotels & Resorts, an S&P 500 company that owns 80 luxury and upper-upscale hotels across the US


Refresh the website to offer a deluxe online experience, make the properties look appealing to investors, and provide all the data for decision-making in one place.


Project Manager, Sitecore Developers, Frontend Developers, QA

Main Challenges

Host Hotels & Resorts needed to enhance its website to align it with the preferences and expectations of investors. The previous design showed signs of aging and users requested feature enrichment. The company opted for a website revamp to ensure investors could easily find information and enjoy their online experience

Quick Site Refresh on a Budget

The company needed to identify the ideal features and improvements that would have the greatest impact on enhancing the user experience, all while remaining budget-conscious and feasible for a swift implementation. 

Lack of Internal Tech Team

To expedite the website upgrade, the company needed to outsource digital consulting services to secure experienced developers proficient in crafting suitable architecture, delivering precise cost estimates, and effectively executing the project.

Custom Solution

Unlock headless content delivery


Upgrading to Sitecore version 10 allowed the team to implement Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDKs (JSS), to unlock the headless capabilities of the CMS.

Build a dynamic react website


The new website was built using the React library that provides flexible content delivery models including static site generation, server-side rendering, and a hybrid approach.

New Features Implementation

Developers from Axamit implemented a range of new features that helped showcase the properties owned by the company and assisted site visitors in navigating financial information and investor materials.

Interactive property map


A new interactive map shows the location of properties from to the company portfolio. This map synchronizes with the hotel list filters, which helps investors navigate to hotels they are interested in, streamlining the selection process.

Featured property pages


The featured properties component draws investors attention to the renovation efforts and emphasizes the results of reinvestment. It adds visibility into the trust’s property management, instilling greater confidence among investors.

Financial reports and metrics


The website presents financial data, including quarterly results, SEC filings, annual reports, stock information, and more. This approach not only upholds the design’s aesthetics but also provides a centralized and convenient platform for thorough financial analysis, facilitating access to data.

Key investor materials


The web solution provides access to downloadable quarterly and annual results and corporate responsibility disclosure documents from any hotel description page, ensuring a smooth transition from property exploration to the analysis of financial data, and simplifying decision-making for investors.

Furthermore, web developers have incorporated popular site elements such as carousels, embedded videos, sliders, cards, navigation bars, off-canvas menus, site search, and an array of other features that enhance the new site’s visual appeal and functionality.

Results & Wins

Host Hotels & Resorts has effectively revitalized its website, transforming it into an engaging hub for investor relations, offering a property catalog, comprehensive financial data, and corporate responsibility updates.
win 01
We have developed a smooth investor journey from property selection to financial data analysis.
win 02
Time to market
3 mo
for the complete website refresh.
win 03
We have implemented a modern design that reflects the company’s prestigious standing.
win 04
CMS version update
8 to 10
has unlocked the headless features of Sitecore XP.
win 05
A new dynamic, React-based website has replaced the old static one, resulting in an improved overall customer experience.
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