Case Study

Digital Radio Brand Sees 6% Raise in Listening Hours Following Tech Revamp

Canadian media giant moves to a new audio platform and CMS to instantly boost engagement across the entire digital radio portfolio.

Project Overview

Large media conglomerate operating news and music radio stations in Canada


Upgrade the technology powering digital radio stations to ensure an outstanding cross-platform listening experience and high operational efficiency.


Product Owner, Project Manager, Scum Master, Solution Architect, 5 AEM backend developers, 3 AEM frontend developers, QA Team, DevOps Team

The rise of streaming services has disrupted the news and entertainment industry. As a result, a Canadian media company has had to shift its focus from traditional radio broadcasting to digital. To attract listeners and provide them with a great digital radio experience on multiple devices, the company has committed to rebranding and a complete revamp of its technology ecosystem. 

Adopt a New Audio Platform

The company wanted to implement a new audio platform from a leading US vendor. This was necessary to improve engagement and offer listeners a superior experience consistent with the new brand.

Revamp Website Ecosystem

The radio broadcaster needed to integrate the new platform across 97 websites. This included the websites of several radio networks, stand-alone radio stations, and the national website. All websites required redesigning to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Streamlined Content Publishing

Each website being managed differently led to significant variations in content management workflows and slowed down the publishing process. The editorial team also faced duplicated efforts, manually republishing some content across multiple sites. The company opted to migrate all websites to a centralized solution for simpler shared content distribution and better operational efficiency.

Setup Customer Data Collection

The company aimed to decrease the number of anonymous listeners by enabling user account creation. This option would open up opportunities for data collection, enabling analysis of listener preferences. With this data, the company could make informed decisions regarding content and create more relevant, personalized experiences.

Custom Solution

The overhaul of the technology ecosystem driving a variety of digital radio stations turned out to be a massive and intricate project. It encompassed three major initiatives: a comprehensive redesign of all websites, migration to a unified multi-site Adobe Experience Manager CMS, and integration with the new audio platform.

Efficient Content Management

The use of the outdated Polopoly CMS for hosting websites became unsustainable as it was no longer supported by the vendor. Consequently, the media company had to implement a new solution across all its digital radio web properties.

The decision was made to migrate the websites to a single multi-site Adobe Experience Manager CMS. Proficient AEM developers from Axamit were enlisted to assist in creating an efficient architecture and executing the project.

Old content migration

Old Content Migration

About 150,000 pieces of content and related media assets spanning several years have been successfully migrated from Polopoly CMS to the multi-site AEM platform.

Single control panel

Single Control Panel

The AEM CMS equipped the team with a new robust interface for authoring and publishing content, enabling them to benefit from efficient and standardized workflows.

Unified site structure

Unified Site Structure

The development team created an efficient architecture that included all the necessary shared AEM components to be reused across websites to build consistent experiences.

Unique content creation

Unique Content Creation

The new CMS allowed for the creation of unique website page components tailored to individual stations while ensuring there were no conflicts with shared AEM components.

The shift to a single multi-site CMS has made the work easier for 110 employees engaged in content management across all digital radio websites. Editors can now efficiently manage both unique content for individual websites and shared content across them.

Simple Content Distribution

The new AEM CMS has resolved the problem of duplicate effort in content distribution that stems from each website operating on a separate CMS. Previously, content managers had to create the same content multiple times, but now they can make it once and publish it on a group of selected websites instantly.

Local cultural events

Local Cultural Events

When promoting events, content managers can target local audiences in specific cities across all radio stations operating there. They can select individual stations in the target city to publish the promotion on their websites, regardless of whether they belong to the same network or different networks.

Global music news

Global Music News

When sharing all-Canadian music news, content managers post the news article on the national website. They then distribute teasers across selected radio networks and stand-alone stations. Clicking on these teasers on any radio station’s website redirects visitors to the full article on the national site.

The implementation of new publishing workflows has made content distribution seamless, significantly reducing manual work and the risk of errors.

Web and Mobile Audio Platform

Adopting the advanced audio platform aimed to address several challenges simultaneously. Customers could enjoy their favourite radio stations through cutting-edge and convenient web and mobile apps. The company could incorporate account registration features, gather statistics on user engagement, and accurately measure their North Star metric: Total Listening Hours (TLH).

Integrated audio platform

Integrated Audio Platform

After migrating broadcasting to the new audio platform, a system of redirects was set to ensure a seamless transition from informational websites to the web or mobile audio platform.

Web live player

Web Live Player

The old audio player, used by website visitors to listen live while browsing, was replaced with the new player streaming audio directly from the integrated platform.

Customer accounts

Customer Accounts

To encourage unregistered listeners to create accounts on the new audio platform, developers implemented a seamless redirect from mobile browsers to the mobile app download page.

North star metric

North Star Metric

The new audio platform equipped the media company with advanced analytics tools to accurately measure TLH and provide insights into audience reach and engagement.

Once users create an account and install the mobile application, transitioning from browsing websites to enjoying music or podcasts on a mobile device is seamless. Registered listeners also enjoy personalized music recommendations, the ability to curate their playlists, offline listening, and other features.

Results & Wins

The new marketing automation architecture helped the company maintain accurate, clean, and reliable data across different systems and achieve better results from marketing campaigns.
win 01
97 online radio websites have been revamped and redesigned.
win 02
An increase of
in daily active users for the audio platform.
win 03
110 employees benefit from simplified content management.
win 04
An increase of
in total listening hours (TLH) in a month.
win 05
150,000 pieces of content and related assets were migrated to AEM.
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