Case Study

News and Lifestyle Sites Attract Millions of Monthly Visitors to a Rising Media Brand

A media brand launched new sites using a custom AEM CMS to ensure quick publishing and a great customer experience.

Project Overview

A Canadian multiplatform media brand operating news, lifestyle, and entertainment sites.


Streamline content production for a popular media brand launching two new sites using a single custom CMS on the backend.


Frontend developers, AEM engineers

Main Challenges

A re-launched media brand aimed to unify lifestyle and news content that was previously scattered across multiple platforms by creating two new websites and integrating them with their primary streaming service platform.

Streamline Content Management

Given the significant effort required to produce original content, the company aimed to streamline the publishing process as much as possible by adopting the ‘three-clicks-to-publish’ concept.

Bring All Channels Together

The company wanted to optimize its online ecosystem to give customers seamless access to content across all genres and formats through a uniform slick interface that works perfectly on any screen and device.

Custom Solution

Workflow 1


To streamline processes we created a custom publishing workflow in the admin panel. To create a page, editors select a page type, fill in a form, and click publish. The system automatically lays out the submitted text and media files, resulting in a new fully designed page on the site.

Video camera 2


Due to integrations between the CMS and the client’s internal systems, content managers can add a video to a page by simply using its ID from the company’s video hosting repository. The system adjusts the video automatically for it to be displayed in the right place on the page in the required dimensions.

Globe 1


Site performance was optimized to improve user experience by ensuring fast loading, interactivity, and visual stability of pages.

Group 686 1


The recommended structured data markup was added across pages to enable rich results on Google search, resulting in better ranking and higher click-through rates.

Results & Wins

Within the first two years after the media brand re-launch, the new lifestyle blog and news platform achieved a quick growth in popularity.
win 01
Introduced a custom “3-click” publishing workflow for speedy content production.
win 02
Reached over
monthly unique visitors on news service
win 03
Unified scattered media resources under a single interface to simplify customer journeys.
win 04
Attracted over
monthly unique visitors to lifestyle blog
win 05
Optimized site Core Web Vitals for faster page loading and improved interactivity.
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