A Selection of Global Brands Using Magento 2


Magento has long conquered the e-commerce market. Startups and global giants use the platform’s broad functionality to solve their business challenges and strengthen the services provided.

What are those world-renowned brands that opt for Magento? Let’s take a closer look but a few words about the basics first.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source e-commerce content management system CMS written in PHP using the Zend framework. Magento is now represented by two different platforms: Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce (Magento Commerce). You can compare  these two solutions and decide which one is the right fit for you.

The choice depends on the size and needs of your business. It’s crucial to remember that the Adobe Commerce development services are quite costly, which makes this platform more suitable for large companies.

Magento usage statistics

The statistics provided by W3Techs and BuiltWith as of August 2022:

  • Magento powers 0.6% of all websites in the world.
  • This makes it one of the 10 most popular CMSs globally.
  • 160,000 websites are currently running on Magento.
  • More than 93,000 of them are built on Magento 2.
  • The platform has a huge community with over 150,000 Magento developers worldwide.

What makes big brands choose Magento?

Magento is considered one of the best B2B e-commerce platforms. Here are just a few key benefits that make big brands choose Magento.

  • The platform is highly customizable which gives brands the ability to create an eye-catching and easy-to-use store for customers.
  • A user-friendly structure allows to manage sales networks with multiple websites in different languages.
  • Large stores can easily withstand high loads during the influx of visitors during promotions and sales.
  • The platform allows companies to use several currencies and host numerous websites on one system.

What global brands use Magento?


ASUSTeK is a Taiwanese brand of consumer electronics and computer hardware manufacturer. ASUS also makes custom components for products from major companies such as Apple, Sony, Alienware, HP, and others.View a list of fifteen leading global brands that use Magento to manage their online stores and catalogs and learn why they chose this solution over other content management systems.

The company uses Magento’s capabilities to achieve business goals. To help them on their way, the platform allowed ASUSTeK to implement a partner program and discount system for ASUS customers.

2. Asics

ASICS is a Japanese corporation and is one of the leaders in the sports shoes and clothing production sector.

The Magento platform allowed ASICS to simultaneously manage multiple versions of the company’s website. The store has become user-friendly: for instance, users can now change the region with a single click, and the currency will be changed automatically.

3. Casio UK

Japanese giant Casio is one of the leaders in the global consumer electronics market.

Casio wanted to harness the power of e-commerce but needed a site that would embody their business ideas, transmit their history, and connect their products directly with customers from the UK.

The company was able to create an attractive website using Magento. The platform ensures extensive customization and personalization options and allows the company to sell its products to a wider audience.

4. Xerox

Xerox Corporation is a world leader in color and monochrome laser printers, MFPs, scanners, and industrial printing systems.

Magento helped the brand refresh an outdated store design, resulting in a website with a good-looking design and intuitive navigation.

5. Ford

Ford Motor Company is an American automobile manufacturer, the fourth-largest in the world in terms of sales throughout history.

Ford’s online accessory store has been using the Magento platform for more than a decade. It provides customers with the ability to receive suggestions when searching for products and the ability to select a specific car model to search for accessories.

6. Jaguar

Jaguar is focused on prestigious luxury cars production.

Jaguar uses Magento for their retail website, designed for those interested in buying branded clothing, accessories, and collectibles. Order tracking, shipping, and returns management – are all made possible thanks to the Magento platform.

7. Scania

Continuing with a selection of car brands that use Magento – Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks and buses, as well as industrial and marine engines.

With Magento, the company created a site where all brand fans can buy apparel, accessories, toys, collectibles, and models. Magento brought such features as currency and language switching and convenient checkout.

8. Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica is a Japanese company that develops microphones, headphones, vinyl turntables, and other audio equipment for both home and professional use.

Magento’s flexibility and scalability have contributed to the brand’s growth and helped create a store with a wide range of features for a smooth user experience.

9. HP

HP is one of the leading manufacturers of computers and printers today. Their innovative developments and cutting-edge designs go hand in hand with their high-performance equipment.

Magento was chosen to launch HP sites in Thailand, China, and Indonesia. The platform made it possible to work with both B2B and B2C customers and helped implement the rewards program feature.

10. Wimbledon Shop

Wimbledon needed a visually appealing e-commerce store with the ability to easily update and manage information.

Choosing the Magento platform resulted in a 204% YoY increase in traffic, a 77% increase in transactions, and a 113% increase in annual revenue.

11. Champion

Champion is an American clothing manufacturer specializing mainly in sportswear.

The Magento platform made it possible to create a site for a business operating in 10 delivery markets and multiple languages.

Additionally, it helped improve the post-purchase experience and long-term customer retention by implementing a loyalty and discount program.

12. Coca Cola

The Coca-Cola Company is an American food company, the world’s largest producer and supplier of concentrates, syrups, and soft drinks. The company’s most famous product is the Coca-Cola drink. Magento helped create a website to sell apparel and accessories. The Coca-Cola company also managed to implement a rewards program, along with the ability to personalize clothes and bottles.


Bulgari is an outstanding brand of luxury jewelry, watches, and accessories.

Adobe Commerce allowed them to localize the company’s websites, implement virtual try-on, shipment tracking, and various payment options.

14. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin was founded in 1992 by the designer Christian Louboutin. In addition to women’s and men’s shoes, bags and accessories are produced under this brand.

User-friendly navigation, attractive design, and a handy catalog – are the features that appeared on the brand website with Magento.

15. Fila

Fila is a South Korean company, a world-famous brand of sportswear, equipment, and accessories. FILA was founded in 1911 in Biela, Italy.

Magento helped the brand create a convenient shopping site with easy navigation and a catalog with color swatches, size selection, and sorting by price features.

In the end

Magento is a popular choice for global brands as the platform supports unlimited versions of online stores for different markets. Magento’s key features include multilingual capabilities, multiple currencies, and tax systems, making it easy for big brands to scale their business to broader markets. Besides, Magento is one of the best solutions in terms of SEO. This is what makes brands trust and choose Magento.

By looking at the examples above, you can understand how global brands are using the platform and decide if it’s suitable for solving your business challenges.

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